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Stratomaster Ultra Horizon XL Owner’s Manual

January 18th, 2009 · No Comments

The Stratomaster Ultra Horizon XL is a digital multifunction instrument designed for use in ultralight, microlight, experimental and homebuilt aircraft as well as any aircraft that permit use of such instrumentation under general or special operating permits.

The Ultra is designed around a transflective 5.7” monochrome display panel with a white LED backlight. Unlike current technology color displays, the monochrome panel is suited for operation in direct sunlight making it the only viable choice for many small aircraft applications. The panel does not need to be shaded and is capable of producing a clearly readable image even in very bright light conditions, with the light falling directly onto the panel.

The Ultra Horizon XL replaces the following previous product releases:
1) Stratomaster Ultra L
2) Stratomaster Ultra X
3) Stratomaster Ultra HL and HX
4) Stratomaster Ultra RL (Rotorcraft).

The Ultra Horizon XL is a fully user configurable panel that can be used as primary flight instrumentation display, engine monitor or both. The Ultra provides two display pages, each page can be configured by the user, choosing from a selection of more than 50 instruments and display items. Each item on the screen may be placed where the user wants it and most instruments provide several different display options. For example you can choose between analog altimeter and a tape based altimeter amongst other choices.

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