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2000 Ducati Monster 900 Installation Instructions

January 25th, 2009 · No Comments

1 Remove the seat.
2 Lift fuel tank.
3 Unplug connector from ECU (Fig. A).
4 Plug male connector from PCIII into ECU (Fig. B).
5 Plug female connector from PCIII into male connector from original harness (Fig. C).
6 Run PCIII cable under fuel tank and along frame rail to the area under the seat.
7 Mount PCIII unit to rear most area under seat using provided self adhesive velcro (Fig. D).

PCIII user’s guide.
Adjusting Your Power Commander
Your Power Commander has been programmed with a base map for your application. You can adjust the base map or install an alternate map using your computer. Please refer to the supplied CD-Rom for more information. You can also adjust your Power Commander using the face plate buttons as described below.

NOTE: On some models, the injectors are powered down shortly after turning the ignition on. To send a map, adjust the throttle position or adjust the buttons you will need to use the Power Adaptor (#66116001 or 76423001). Plug the power adapter up to the Power Commander. Then plug the 9 pin serial cable to the other side of the power adapter (see figure)

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