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Ducati Monster Bobbed License Plate / Signal Relocation Bracket – Redpoint Racing

January 26th, 2009 · No Comments

The relocation bracket is designed to fit all Ducati Monsters within the year ranges of 2000-2004. It may fit other years as well, but I cannot guarantee an exact fit as minor changes have been done throughout the years. The bracket is designed to replace the stock tail light/turn signal/license plate assembly and the rearmost section of the frame on which the stock assembly mounts. It is assumed that the sub frame has already been removed.

Warning: Cutting or modifying the frame in any way may cause damage to the motorcycle and affect the performance and/or safety. I do not condone or endorse the cutting of the frame or the installation of non-stock components on the motorcycle which may be in violation of local or state laws. Please check with your local authorities as to the legality of installing these components before proceeding.

The relocation bracket comes with three pieces which should be assembled as desired prior to installation on the bike. The turn signal bracket and the tail light bracket are separate as to allow the maximum amount of flexibility in the setup for your bike. If you have integrated turn signals or tail lights, you can leave off the parts that are unnecessary to further clean up the appearance of the bike after installation.

Assemble the parts as shown below with the main bracket on the bottom, then the turn signal bracket, and then the tail light bracket. Screw them together with the provided button head allen screws and nylon insert lock nuts. Insert the screws through the bottom and attach the nuts on top of the bracket to maintain a clean look from the bottom of the bracket

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