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Ducati Hypermotard Installation Guide

February 6th, 2009 · No Comments

1) It is essential to use Blue Loc-tite on all nuts and bolts. Remove any other steering stabilizers.
2) It’s a good idea to cover the tank with an old sweatshirt, towel or protective device so you don’t scratch it.
3) Parts in photos are aluminum in color to help show contrast for mounting purposes. Production parts are anodized black.
4) Remove the (4) Allen bolts that hold your handlebars tight. Carefully lay your bars forward of the mounts, wrapping the bars and levers in a towel or suitable protection, as you will have to turn the front end for the next operation.
5) Holding the Allen heads in place with a wrench, remove the 15mm nuts on the bottom of the triple clamp that hold the bar mounts tight. Remove the stock lower bar mounts. The washers that sit under your lower perches, between the bushings and the stock perches, MUST go into the recess area on the bottom of the new SUB mount we provide (see photo).
6) Install the new SUB-mount-lower-perches using the stock Allen bolts and tighten the 15mm nuts with the stock washers.
7) Do not install the bars yet. Follow the wire from the key and unplug the security switch from it’s plug on the left side.
8) Remove the (2) Acorn nuts that hold the plastic key cover on and flip it upside down. Inside you’ll find the “security ring” that immobilizes your bike, to prevent theft. There are (2) small tabs that hold that security ring in place. To remove the security ring you must lift a little on each side, back and forth, until it comes out. Carefully bend the one tab back and lift the ring out slightly to clear the first tab lip. Then do the other tab, a small amount at a time. Do not break the ring!! Some rings are lightly glued in place but they will come out with gentle persuasion. If you come in from the other side with an ice cream stick or other suitable persuasive pushing device, you can help push the security ring past the lips of the tabs.
9) Install the security ring into the new Plastic key cover we’ve provided. You’ll see the relief area for the sensor to fit into. The security ring itself needs to be seated all the way flush into the recess area in the black cap, it cannot touch any metal.
10) Feed the wire down through the aluminum portion of the frame bracket and snap the Plastic cover into the provided recess. This is a press fit, but it’s best to put a dab of blue-loc-tite on the press fit area to help keep it place. Plug the wire back in. If the plastic top does not center itself or fit flush, look inside to be sure the “gray” tabs are not preventing it’s installation.
11) The new billet key cover is the anchor point for the stabilizer, so it must sit flush around the entire base of the key switch to provide the support needed. We’ve found on some bikes the stock key casting varies, disallowing our cover to sit flush, and in rare cases, when you tighten the bolts it will bow the housing and bind the tower pin. Try the new key cover on first and try to make sure it fits flush at the base area. If there is a casting “seam” you can feel, lightly sand that away until the key cover sits down flush. The better it fits, the more functional it will be. If the tower pin does not float, try again.

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