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February 8th, 2009 · No Comments

The Power Shifter by Battle Factory is a lightweight, compact semi-automatic upshift system for bikes 600cc and up that provides quick, smooth shifts every time. Unlike other shifters that simply cut the electronic ignition, the Battle Shifter works by reducing current to the coil enough to stop ignition. This ensures that power keeps flowing to your gauges, eliminating annoying readout flashes and reducing overall system shock. The Power Shifter automatically adjusts the duration of the ignition cut to match RPM’s – longer cuts at low RPM’s and shorter ones at high RPM’s. The Power Shifter also features a DSR (Delayed Spark Return) System and 2nd Gear Helper Function. The DSR System waits a revolution after returning spark to the first bank of cylinders before returning spark to the second bank, greatly reducing transmission shock. The 2nd Gear Helper Function helps reduce the normal shock when shifting from 1st to 2nd gear by lengthening the ignition cut time (only applicable on street bikes that have neutral sensor). Best of all, the Battle Factory Power Shifter doesn’t require a battery like other shifters on the market.

The Battle Shifter automatically cuts out under 2,500 RPM’s to prevent engine stall during slow speeds and idle. It comes fully setup for your bike from the factory.

To ensure the long life of your unit, please read all instructions carefully. Check that the adjustment window is covered before riding!! Take care to ensure that all wires are connected correctly, especially the <+> and <–> as incorrect installation can result in damage to the unit. Be sure to ground the shifter’s <–> (black wire) to the frame.

Avoid installing the control unit in places where it will be exposed to excessive water, heat, dust or vibration. Also avoid securing it the close proximity of the ignition coil or plugs as electronic noise could interfere with normal operation. We recommend installing it in a convenient spot near the CDI on the meter stay. Be sure to insert the included sponge under the control unit before securing with the provided zip straps.


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