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Nemesis Engine Control for Ducati

February 5th, 2009 · No Comments

The Nemesis uses both of the original multi-pin connectors to link with your bike wiring loom, no changes are necessary, but remember it is VITALLY important to re-connect the 6mm ground connector. Nemesis also re-uses the cast aluminium ‘heat sink’ from the IAW 5.9 ECU, this can be removed and re-fitted to Nemesis using a TORX T20 screwdriver without any damage to the original ECU.

IMPORTANT – Make sure that the rear (mating face) of the cast aluminium ‘heat sink’ is free from corrosion to ensure good electrical connection between the rear panel of Nemesis and this ‘heat sink’. NEVER fit any stickers or any other object to the back panel of Nemesis that could restrict the ground path.

Secure the Nemesis using the original M6 screws and lock nuts.
Wiring options:
All Nemesis kits are supplied with a standard link cable as shown here, this plugs directly into the Nemesis using the connector slot located between the 2 main bike connectors. Route the 3 way grey PC communication connector to any suitable place that gives you access to this plug when the ECU cover panel is replaced and the assembly is re-fitted to the bike.

You may also have purchased a development Loom that has the same connector for linking to Nemesis but the following extra inputs. 4 way AMP connector with yellow band for connecting to an external wide band lambda sensor.
- Pin 1 = 12v power supply for lambda system
- Pin 2 = Power ground for the lambda system
- Pin 3 = 0-5v signal
- Pin 4 = Signal ground
Note: If you system only has a common ground, link pins 2 & 3 together.
3 way AMP connector with a red band, this is used to provide an ignition switched 12v and power ground from the bike into the Development loom. It is connected to the lap timer connector located as shown here on 749/999 or clipped to the back of the head stock on the 1098.
For bikes that already have a lap timer plugged in at this position you will need an additional ‘lap time patch cable’ part number N-7005 to use both the development loom and the lap timer.

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