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Ducati Motorcycles G-Force Alarm System Installation & Operating Instructions

February 6th, 2009 · No Comments

Alarm Module and Siren can be mounted using supplied adhesive, zip ties, or hardware. Mounting surface should be clean and completely grease free.
The two ring connectors on the wiring harness are for power from the battery. The alarm harness also connects to the motorcycle taillight and starter switch. The taillight connection is to provide flashing light notification when placing alarm in and out of guard mode, or notification of a triggered alarm. Starter relay connections are made to disable the starter button circuit when the alarm has been triggered.

Taillight Connection
You will be inserting the alarm harness connectors in series with the motorcycle taillight plug. The alarm harness plugs into the taillight, and the motorcycle harness plugs into the tab connector on the alarm harness.
Remove the red and white wire with the flag connector to the taillight (See blue arrow in picture below). Plug the alarm wiring harness flag connector on the taillight and connect the motorcycle flag connector to the alarm wiring harness.
Ducati Monster 620 Taillight Connection
Code Learning Remote Control Transmitter
1. Remove the inline power fuse of alarm. Wait 5 seconds. Reinsert fuse.
2. After the alarm power up sequence that takes approximately 15-20 seconds, switch vehicle ignition to “on” position. It is important that you allow the alarm to go through its entire power up sequence, where the lights flash and the siren chirps; this takes 15 – 20 seconds. Only after the power up sequence is completed, switch the vehicle ignition to “on” position. By switching the vehicle to the “on” position, the alarm module senses a drop in current, if you do not have an ignition switch, you can substitute any current drawing method.
3. With additional/replacement transmitter, press left or right transmitter button until a single tone is heard. Repeat this step with either replacement transmitter, or additional transmitter until two tones are heard. Code learning is complete. Code learning must be completed within 30 seconds of switching ignition to “on” position.
4. Switch ignition “OFF” and test one or both transmitters to insure each will arm/disarm alarm.

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