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DUCATI ST2/ST4 Stock Socket Rewire POWERLET ™ Installation Instructions

February 9th, 2009 · No Comments

This easy to install, high quality, POWERLET™ wiring harness replaces the low current, thin wiring supplied on Ducati ST2 & ST4 equipped with sockets. The purpose of the harness is to provide a safe means to draw high current through the socket.

The stock wiring is fused at 3 amps for a reason – the gauge of wire used in the factory harness is to small to operate high current loads. Replacing the 3 amp fuse with a to large a fuse can cause the stock wire to overheat. Also the voltage drop in the stock wiring will be large when powering heated clothing. The operator can supply power to the battery (via a battery charger), draw power from the battery (via heated clothing) or monitor the state of charge on the battery using the replacement harness. The Use of heavier wire minimizes the voltage drop in the harness, providing more power at the socket for high current loads (like heated clothing).

The stock wiring harness can still be used for low power devices. Our PKT-027 & PKT-028 dash kits reuses the stock harness and white connector to operate low power devices like radar detectors, cell phones and GPS units. These kits plug directly into the open white connector and locate a socket on or near the dash.

Get pdf DUCATI ST2/ST4 Stock Socket Rewire POWERLET ™ Installation Instructions

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