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Aprilia Falco Clutch Replacement

February 13th, 2009 · No Comments

At approximately 6,000 miles, I began noticing clutch slip at high 2nd gear loads. Over the next 1,500 miles, it got worse, until the clutch would break free in second and third under any hard acceleration.
At this time, Aprilia considers this a consumable item and doesn’t cover the clutch under warranty. Fortunately, at $160 list (I paid $144) for the entire clutch kit, it is reasonably priced. Even better, it is very easy to replace. Still, please ask your dealer to bring early clutch failure to the attention of Aprilia. If enough of us complain, maybe they’ll redesign it.

Disassembly procedure:
Start by setting the bike on the sidestand, clean the clutch cover and oil tank bottom, then drain the oil tank. You do not need to remove the magnetic oil plug or oil filter. The clutch is behind the right hand (brake lever side) engine cover. Only the eight M5 screws on the inner cover need to be removed. You can leave the vacuum hose in place.

Carefully set the cover aside. Lift the eight tabs on the vacuum diaphram and rotate the diaphram off the tabs. Use a 19mm wrench on the M12 locknut while holding the clutch disengagement shaft with an allen key.

Remove the outer washer, vacuum “pressure plate”, diaphragm, support disc, and inner washer and set them aside in order. The “spring holder” hub will now be exposed. Shift the bike into gear, hold the rear brake down and remove the six M6 bolts, washers and springs.

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