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2000-2004 Aprilia SR 50 Ditech Owners Manual

February 17th, 2009 · No Comments

To drive the vehicle it is necessary to be in possession of all the requirements prescribed by law (driving licence, minimum age, psychophysical ability, insurance, state taxes, vehicle registration, number plate, etc.). Gradually get to know the vehicle by driving it first in areas with low traffic and/or private areas.

The use of medicins, alcohol and drugs or psychotropic substances notably increases the risk of accidents. Be sure that you are in good psychophysical conditions and fit for driving and pay particular attention to physical weariness and drowsiness.

Most road accidents are caused by the driver’s lack of experience.
NEVER lend the vehicle to beginners and, in any case, make sure that the driver has all the requirements for driving. Rigorously observe all road signs and national and local road regulations.
Avoid abrupt movements that can be dangerous for yourself and other people (for example: rearing up on the back wheel, speeding, etc.), and give due consideration to the road surface, visibility and other driving conditions.
Avoid obstacles that could damage the vehicle or make you lose control.
Avoid riding in the slipstream created by preceding vehicles in order to increase your speed. Always keep both hands on the handlebars and both feet on the footboard (or on the footrests), in the correct driving posture. Avoid standing up or stretching your limbs while driving

The driver should pay attention and avoid distractions caused by people, things and movements (never smoke, eat, drink, read, etc.) while driving.
Use only the vehicle’s specific fuels and lubricants indicated in the “LUBRICANT CHART”; check all oil, fuel and coolant levels regularly.
If the vehicle has been involved in an accident, make sure that no damage has occurred to the control levers, pipes, wires, braking system and vital parts.
If necessary, have the vehicle inspected by an aprilia Official Dealer, who should carefully check the frame, handlebars, suspensions, safety parts and all the devices that you cannot check by yourself.
Always remember to report any malfunction to the technicians to help them in their work. Never use the vehicle when the amount of damage it has suffered endangers your safety.

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