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1997-2003 Ford F-Series 5.4L & 4.6L Triton V8 Edge Evolution Programmer Manual

February 28th, 2009 · No Comments

The Evolution automatically makes a backup of your stock program from your PCM before writing a new program onto your PCM. This assures that you will have the stock program if/when you desire to reprogram your vehicle to its original stock program.

It is strongly recommended prior to returning your vehicle to a service center or emissions check that you return your vehicle’s computer to the stock program. In the event that the service center re-flashes your vehicle’s computer (a common practice) and you have NOT returned it to stock, your Evolution programmer will be rendered useless. If this happens, call our technical support at (888) 360-EDGE and they can help you recover your Evolution for a small fee. Follow the steps included in this manual for returning your program to stock.

Transmission Only Program
This setting is the lowest level setting. It will provide firmer transmission shifts which helps to increase the transmission life. It does not provide any engine performance increases and is designed to run with regular unleaded (85 to 87 octane) fuel.

Tow Performance Program (87+ octane fuel)
This setting not only provides improved transmission shifting, but will also modify the ignition timing and fuel injection strategies to improve the performance of your vehicle. This level is designed to run with 87 octane fuel, although you may realize additional benefits by running 89 octane (or better) fuel. You should see an improvement in fuel economy as well as added horsepower and torque. When towing a heavy load such as a boat or camper, we recommend you using this setting.

High Performance Program (91+ octane fuel)
This is the highest performance setting for the Evolution. The fuel injection and ignition timing strategies are aggressively tuned to extract the maximum performance from your vehicle without sacrificing drivability or durability. The transmission strategy is modified to take advantage of the increased engine performance by providing quicker, firmer shifts. Due to the high performance nature of this setting, you will be required to run 91 octane (or better) fuel.

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