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Ford Territory 2004 onwards – Ford FG Falcon 2008 onwards Installation Manual

March 4th, 2009 · No Comments

This manual is used for Integrated DVD Rear Seat Entertainment System in to Ford Territory 2004 onwards, Ford BA Falcon 2003 onwards, Ford FG Falcon 2008 onwards.

Step 1
Disconnect cable from the negative battery terminal.
Step 2
Remove existing front seat headrests from vehicle by disengaging the pole guide lock and lifting the headrest in upwards direction.
NOTE: Identify the type of seat back by inspecting the rear of the seat if it is plastic it is a hard back type, if it is a material type it is a soft back type.
Step 3
Hard-back Seat
Remove the 2 screws holding the back seat trim panel. Remove panel by sliding in a downwards direction. Repeat for opposite seat.
Step 4
Soft-back Seat
Starting at the bottom of the left-hand side of the seat, unclip the plastic retainer and work up towards the top separating the retainer. Repeat on the right side of the seat.
Step 5
Unclip the plastic retainer at the top of the seat-back. Work across the seat separating the retainer.
Step 6
Using the flat-blade screwdriver, release the 2 scrivet clips. Remove the scrivet clips and slide the seat-back in a downward direction to remove.

Get pdf Ford Territory 2004 onwards – Ford FG Falcon 2008 onwards Installation Manual

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