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SMART/ryde Service Manual

March 7th, 2009 · No Comments

The SMART/ryde ¡s an add-on axle suspension systBmthat utilizes MGR/ryde’s unique rubber springs. The primary features oí SMART/ryde are:
1. Use of triple rubber spring assemblies.
2. Position of rubber spring assemblies,
3. Maintains chasis suspension system, D dimension and driveline specifications.
4. Side to side adjustability to compensate for cross vehicle loading.
5. Specially valued shock absorbers.

The SMART/ryde suspension system provides:
1. A smooth rida. 2. Much improved handling. 3. Greater roll stability.
This service manual will provide information regarding routine maintenance and service instructions.

The SMART/ryde suspension utilizes MOR/ryde’s unique 100% natural rubber springs and rubber bushings. The rubber bushings and rutaber springs do not require lubrication, and maintenance is limited to periodic inspections to insure the rubber bushings and rubber springs are intact.
The shock absorbers used on the SMART/ryde rubber suspension are specially valved and made specifically for MOR/ryde. The shock absorbers should be checked every 10,000 miles to make sure they are functioning properly, the bushings are not womr and the dust cover has not been damaged by road debris or stones. If a shock absorber is leaking or fails to operate, the complete unit should be replaced. The shock absorbers and iasteners can be ordered direct from MOR/ryde. See Section lll-B for replacement procedures.
The bolts and nuts should be periodically checked for proper torque – please see torque chart for proper specifications (Section IV)

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