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2005–up Mustang “ENGINE START” Push-Button INSTRUCTION SHEET

March 15th, 2009 · No Comments

The following information describes the installation procedure for the M-11572-GT “ENGINE START” push-button into a 2005-‘08 Mustang.
STEP 1: Start by removing the (2) screws found at the rear of the center console underneath the armrest. (Figure 1)
STEP 2: Remove the trim plate which surrounds the Shifter Handle (Auto) or Shifter Boot (Manual). (Figure 2)
Note: Manual transmission applications will require removing the shifter knob first. This can be removed by simply unscrewing it in a counter-clockwise direction.
STEP 3: Fully extend the E-Brake handle. Again, this will need to be FULLY extended to allow adequate clearance for removal of center console cover. (Figure 3)
STEP 4: Lift the center console cover beginning from the rear, and slide it past the emergency brake handle.
STEP 5: Remove the side cover from the center dash panel on the driver side. This is retained by clips, and can be removed by grasping from the bottom, then pulling straight back. (Figure 5)
STEP 6: Repeat the same for the side cover of the center dash panel on the passenger side.
STEP 7: Remove the (6) screws that retain the radio trim plate, using a ¼” nut driver.
STEP 8: Carefully remove the (3) plugs from behind, at the top of the radio trim plate. (Figure 7)
Note: These can be easily removed by depressing the tab located on the connector as seen in Figure 7. Each of the (3) individual connectors has a ‘release’ tab similar to that shown in Figure 7

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