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99-2003 Ford 7.3L fuel pressure gauge install

March 22nd, 2009 · No Comments

The fuel pressure gauge used on the 7.3L Ford is a 0- 100 psi mechanical gauge and needs to be installed using a fuel isolator to ensure diesel fuel cannot enter the trucks interior due to a gauge or tubing failure. Install the gauge into the gauge mount with the tubing connected to the back of the gauge and fittings tightened. Pull the tubing through the firewall and near the back of the drivers side head light to the mounting location of the isolator.

The isolator is mounted in this location with the gauge side of the isolator facing up as shown in the photo. Drill the holes to locate the isolator at this time, but do not mount it yet or install the gauge side fittings. Install the fuel side fittings in the bottom of the isolator and tighten them with the other end connected to the fuel filter housing as shown in the picture. To make the connection to the fuel filter housing remove the plug from the back of the housing and install the supplied fitting. Connect the tube from the bottom of the isolator to this fitting making sure all connections are tightened properly. You are now ready to charge the next page.

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