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2005/2006 Ford SuperDuty Suspension Lift Kit Installation Instructions

March 26th, 2009 · No Comments

While this kit is an easy bolt-on system, Rize Industries, LLC. strongly recommends that a professional installation center be contracted to do the install. Rize Industries, LLC. also recommends using a hydraulic lift when performing this installation.

Before starting installation of kit on vehicle verify the kit inventory and thoroughly read and understand all instructions.
1) Position vehicle on lift, locate front lift post on the body mount behind the front wheel.
(Fig A). Locate the back lift post on the bottom of the frame rail, just before the rail curves up in front of the rear tire. TIP: Use the front of gas tank as a reference point (Fig B)
2) Raise vehicle up just enough to remove wheels and tires. (Fig C)
3) Raise vehicle up in relation to the height of the support jack stands you are using. Support the front axle with jack stands and then lower vehicle just enough to slightly weight the stock coil springs and shocks.
4) Remove sway bar from vehicle, and retain factory hardware.
5) Remove front shocks and discard.
6) Remove the bolts (two per side) holding the brake line support brackets to the vehicle, one at the top front of the coil bucket and one at the bottom of the coil mount.
7) Disconnect / or re-route hub vacuum lines, and axle breather tube so there is enough slack to lower the front end down. Also make sure the brake lines have slack for the same purpose.
TIP: On passenger side it is helpful to unclip brake line from bottom of frame (Fig D)
8) Unbolt the electric wire holders from both factory radius arms.
9) Disconnect drive shaft from the front axle and secure out of the way.
10) Remove and discard factory steering damper
11) Remove the drag link from pitman arm, and secure out of the way. TIP: An easy way to accomplish this is to use two hammers, and simultaneously strike the pitman arm on opposite sides with the hammers. Two to four blows will cause the pitman arm taper to release the drag link. (Diagram 1)
12) With the front axle supported by jack stands, raise vehicle up just enough to un-weight the factory coil springs. Make sure that the brake and vacuum lines do not get pulled tight.
13) Remove stock coil springs (Fig E), retain rubber spring isolators for reuse.

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