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Ford 4.0 L Ranger & Explorer Power-Plus Series Throttle Body Installation Instructions

March 27th, 2009 · No Comments

Step 1
Set parking brake on vehicle and disconnect the negative battery terminal.
Step 2
Remove flexible inlet hose from throttle body and air box by loosening two hose clamps. Disconnect the tube to the valve cover and the inlet air temperature sensor if applicable.
Step 3
Remove plastic cover on the left side of the throttle body. Unhook the throttle cable from the throttle body link-age, disconnect the throttle position sensor and vacuum hose from throttle body.
Step 4
Remove the four bolts securing the throttle body to the intake; and remove the factory throttle body.
Step 5
Remove the throttle position sensor from the factory throttle body. You must use an impact screwdriver to remove the T.P.S. screws (to avoid rounding off the Phillips head) due to the use of Locktite on the factory fasteners. In the event the factory screws are rounded off and can’t be removed, the head of the screws will have to be ground off to remove TPS.
Step 6
Install the throttle position sensor on the new throttle body using supplied screws. Be sure the black plastic T.P.S. bushing is in place before securing T.P.S.
Step 7
Using the supplied screws and gasket, install the new throttle body on intake manifold and secure.
Step 8
Reattach the throttle cable, T.P.S. sensor connector and vacuum hose to throttle body.

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