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1994 Ford Crown Victoria SA340TS Mounting Kit Installation Guide

March 26th, 2009 · No Comments

This document provides all the necessary information to allow your Whelen product to be properly and safely installed. Before beginning the installation and/or operation of your new product, the installation technician and operator must read this manual completely. Important information is contained herein that could prevent serious injury or damage.
• Proper installation of this product requires the installer to have a good understanding of automotive electronics, systems and procedures.
• If mounting this product requires drilling holes, the installer MUST be sure that no vehicle components or other vital parts could be damaged by the drilling process. Check both sides of the mounting surface before drilling begins. Also de-burr any holes and remove any metal shards or remnants. Install grommets into all wire passage holes.

1. Attach the siren driver to the mounting bracket before installing.
2. Install the mounting bracket and siren driver by pushing through the air flow cut-outs on the vehicle’s underside, and by hanging the bracket by the cross member near it’s centerline.
3. Locate the siren clamp bracket assembly behind the vehicles cross member
4. Thread the 5/16″ hex bolts from the front into the clamp bracket assembly.
5. Push the Twinsonic horn thru the air flow cut-outs on the vehicle underside. Position the horn over the mouth of the driver and thread on the siren tip.
6. Position the entire assembly vertically and tighten the two hex bolts.

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