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Hub Conversion Kit Install

April 8th, 2009 · No Comments

These instructions will cover the EMS Offroad Hub conversion kits:
• 94-99 Dodge 2500/3500 (HC-94D-xx)
• 00+ Dodge 2500/3500 (HC-00D-SRW-xx)(HC-00D-DRW-xx)
• 98+ Ford Super Duty (HC-SD-xx)
DRW = Dual Rear Wheel
SRW = Single Rear Wheel
1. Read all instructions before starting. Do not attempt the install unless you are an equipped and experienced mechanic.
2. When working with tools and chemicals, always wear the required safety equipment and glasses.
3. Check the parts list (for your kit) on the last page and Contact EMS Offroad about any shortages.
4. If there are any questions during the install, contact EMS Offroad. Do not modify any of the parts (UNLESS INSTRUCTED TO DO SO).
5. The Dodge 3500 DRW kits do not reuse the Wheel Adapter! There is a different new wheel hub for these trucks. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO BORE THE INSIDE DIAMETER OF THE OEM WHEEL ADAPTER!
6. The Super Duty DRW Kit will reuse the Wheel Adapter. Before installing the kit, check to make sure the wheel adapter will fit over the new wheel hub. Due to differences in the OEM casting you may have to bore or grind the inside diameter of the wheel adapter to fit over the new wheel hub and lock out. DO NOT REMOVE MORE THEN 1/16 ” of material!!!
7. ABS equipped trucks must have a tone ring on the back of the hub, or the ABS will not work!
8. Table below notes kit specific steps thru out the instructions. If there is no note, it applies to all applications.
94-99 Dodge 2500/3500 94DOD
00+ Dodge 2500/3500 00DOD
98+ Super Duty 98SD
9. These kits do not increase your GVW (gross vehicle weight rating) or GAWR (gross axle weight rating).
10. 94DOD & 00DOD – The center cap of the wheels will need to have a hole cut into them, to be able to engage the lockout.
11. The new locking hubs will require the lockout to be manually engaged for the 4 wheel drive to work. 98SD – the auto lock will no longer work.
12. Inspect all parts. If any parts appears to be damaged or does not fit/function contact EMS Offroad. There are no returns on modified, abused, neglected, altered or improperly installed parts.

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