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1960-1965 Ford – 1964-1965 Ford Fairlane Falcon Booster & Master Cylinder Installation

April 9th, 2009 · No Comments

Proper operation of your brakes is essential for your safety and the safety of others. Any brake service should be performed ONLY by persons experienced in the installation and proper operation of brake systems. It is the responsibility of the person installing the component or kit for the particular application. After installation and before operating your vehicle, be sure to test the function of the brakes under controlled conditions.

Take time to read all the literature that came with this kit. Check the provided list of parts against what you received to ensure all parts are present. While this kit was designed to make the process of changing brake parts as simple as possible, with some kits it may be necessary to make minor changes to your car.

1. Remove the snap ring which connects the master cylinder push-rod to the brake pedal, retain bushings, eccentric bolt and hardware
2. Remove air cleaner from carburetor.
3. Disconnect wires from stop light switch.
4. Disconnect brake tubes from master cylinder junction block.
5. Remove and discard two bolts which attach master cylinder to firewall.
6. Remove master cylinder and push-rod.
7. Remove and discard two bolts located above master cylinder mounting holes. Discard the reinforcing plate which these bolts attach.

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