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2004 & Up Ford F-150 Grille Instructions

April 6th, 2009 · No Comments

Installation Procedure
1. Open hood of vehicle
2. Remove nuts from (6) screws along top edge of grille (will reuse)
3. Remove the (2) bolts from outside metal brackets that hold grille to the hood (will reuse)
4. Remove (2) nuts that attached emblem to center of grille (will reuse)
5. Remove the grille and place on non-marring surface; remove inside metal brackets from each side that are held on by (2) screws each
6. Place new grille on non-marring surface and reinstall metal brackets
7. Reinstall emblem
8. Take new grille, reinstall on hood and center; finger tighten center two nuts. Install remaining four nuts and starting at center, tighten nuts and work your way to outside edges.
9. Install and tighten (4) bolts that hold outside metal brackets to hood.

Vehicle should not be taken through automated car wash until 72 hours after installation. This material is manufactured with U.V. inhibitors; regular cleaning is required.

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