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CD-QS & CD-QS-Kit Questar Roof Mounted Light Install Instructions

April 10th, 2009 · No Comments

Visual Inspection– Many vehicles have a large area in which to mount the Questar® spotlight. In addition to the location specified above, you should be able to find other locations that will allow the mounting of additional optional equipment on the roof. Some headliners have optional overhead storage compartments. Always try to mount the Questar spotlight in an area where the headliner is on a flat surface and tight to the roof liner. It is necessary to check under the headliner to make sure there are no wire harnesses or other obstructions where the trim grommet is to be installed. Inspect the roof structure to make sure that you will not be cutting a structural roof member.

For vehicles not listed in application guide– Use the following steps to determine if you can install a Questar® spotlight in a vehicle not listed in this guide.
1. Remove sun visor and/ or any other parts in the way so the headliner can be lowered on at least one side.
2. Look for cross supports and supports running from front to rear that would interfere with the area needed to mount the spotlight. Removal of these supports is not recommended. Use a flashlight or droplight. If necessary, take measurements to determine if space is available. Trim Grommet space requirements are: 4G-TG, for CD-QS-1 & 2: 9” long x 6” wide and 4G-VTB, for CD-QS-3 & 4: 6” round.
3. Choose a mounting location on a flat surface of roof, allowing as much contact as possible for the stabilizer plate on the spotlight. Also be aware of roof corrugations, and double-skin roofs. Note: Spotlight must be mounted through only the outer skin of roof.
4. Once an acceptable location for distance “A” or “B” (refer to Questar Application Guide on pg.2) is determined, the headliner may be put back into position and the installation can proceed according to the Questar
Installation Guide.
Note: Tin snips or air nibblers are needed for double panel steel roofs
Note: Vehicles with double-steel roofs: The inner steel roof must be cut out!

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