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SA314 Mounting Bracket 2003 Ford Expedition

April 14th, 2009 · No Comments

The siren speaker wires must exit through the bottom of the siren. The siren wire hole is also the drainage hole. Improper mounting will damage the driver and void the warranty. Sirens produces extremely loud emergency warning tones! Exposure to these tones without proper and adequate hearing protection, could cause ear damage and/or hearing loss!

1. You will note that the bracket can be mounted on either side of the hood latch. Using the holes indicated, (depending on which side of the vehicle you wish to mount the siren) mount the siren to the bracket using the mounting hardware supplied.
2. On the radiator cross member (on either side of the hood latch) you will find 2 holes, one square hole and one round hole. Insert the extruded “U” nut into the square hole so the extended screw sleeve faces the rear of the vehicle. The “U” nut must clip onto the cross member and slide over so that the screw sleeve lines up with the round hole.
3. Take the siren bracket with siren attached and place it into position on the mounting surface. Secure it into place by screwing the supplied hex head bolt into the “U” nut. Be sure to run the vehicle horn wires behind the siren bracket.
4. Secure the siren bracket on top by screwing in the 3 supplied self tapping screws. Use a drill with a socket attached.
5. Extend the white (positive) and black (negative) siren wires to your siren amplifier and connect them as shown in the amplifier’s instructions.

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