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Ford Powerstroke Pickups Model 1994-2004 Installation Instructions

April 18th, 2009 · No Comments

Diesel Turbo Lifesaver is a computer controlled device that allows you to set an automatic engine idle sequence to properly cool your turbocharger before engine shutdown as required by Ford and Navistar. Failure to follow recommended turbo cooling procedures can lead to premature bearing failure that is NOT covered under the factory warranty.

Installing your Diesel Turbo Lifesaver is easily accomplished with common hand tools in a short period of time because our exclusive in line ignition harness eliminates wire cutting. No other product provides this feature and thus requires extensive wire cutting and probing that can damage electronics or void your factory warranty. In order to make your installation go as smoothly as possible, it is recommended that you read the instructions and plan your installation before starting.

Get detail pdf Ford Powerstroke Pickups Model 1994-2004 Installation Instructions

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