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NuS Module Installation Guide

April 19th, 2009 · No Comments

Notes for Wire Connection
Pin #1 : Red This wire is used as the (+)Constant Power input for the unit. This wire must be connected for the unit to function correctly.
Pin #2 : Green/ White This wire is the (+)Positive Parking light output. Connect this wire directly to the (+) trigger wire generally off the parking
light switch or found at or behind the fuse box.
Pin #3 : Red/ White This wire is used as the (+)Constant Power input for Starter and 2nd Ignition.
Pin #4 : White This wire is used to power the ( +)Accessory, which activates the blower motor for the heater or A/C
Pin #5 : Blue This wire will power (+)2nd Starter, (+) 2nd Accessory or (+) 2nd Ignition depending on the jumper selection at JM1.
Pin #6 : Yellow This wire is the (+) Starter Output.
Pin #7: Green/ Red This wire is used to power the (+) Ignition. This wire is also an input for the NUSTART used to monitor the status of the vehicle and for programming.
Pin #8 : Black This wire needs to be connected to a chassis (-)Ground. It is very important to make sure you have a good ground or the unit will not function correctly.

Alternator Sensing
1. Just like with Tachometer sensing you will need a Auto Ranging Digital Meter to test for the correct wire.
2. Set your meter to DC voltage for this type of sensing, compared to AC voltage for the Tach sensing.
3. To find this wire you will need to locate the alternator. Look for the Stator wire, Which is always located somewhere on the alternator. It will usually be a smaller gauge wire and generally by itself.
4. With the vehicle in the OFF position the voltage should read 0.00
5. Turn the key to Ignition and the voltage should read anywhere from 1 to 6 volts DC.
6. Next, start the vehicle. The voltage should now read between 9 to 14 volts DC.
7. If this is the case you have found the Alternator wire, connect this to the Yellow/Black on CN 3
8. Set dipswitch #1 to the OFF position. Please note, you will not need to press the small black button on the side of the brain, it is automatic.

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