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Fass Fuel Systems Installation Manual

April 19th, 2009 · No Comments

The installation of the FASS FUEL SYSTEM can be relatively simple when the following steps are followed.
1. Inventory the package components completely. Notify place of purchase immediately of any parts missing or damaged.
2. We have invested many hours into the development of the installation and owner’s manual’s to simplify the installation and operation of the FASS Fuel System. Please read the owner’s manual and the installation manual completely before attempting installation. Understand how the system operates and installation recommendations before beginning installation. Most of the questions that you will have will be answered in one of these manuals. If you have a question please review the installation or owner’s manual.
3. The installation recommendations contained herein are suggested installation guidelines only. Each installation can and may vary considerably because of the many options and accessories available to the truck market.
Installation personnel should use good judgment and common sense when installing the FASS Fuel System.
If any installation procedure is uncertain, contact place of purchase.

Due to training, communication and our relationship we have with our authorized dealers we recommend an authorized FASS Fuel Systems dealer for the installation of the FASS System. They are prepared to install the FASS System with the most efficiency. If a situation/problem arises during the installation they are most prepared for that situation/problem. It may take more time for an unauthorized shop to address the situation/problem. We will not be responsible.

NOTE: The use of a hydraulic fuel filter is because the canister is much thicker and provides more durability than a fuel filter canister. The element inside a hydraulic filter filters fuel exceptionally well!
For the 6 year warranty please fill out the “PRODUCT REGISTRATION FORM” and attach a copy of the sales receipt. We must receive the original product registration form and sales receipt within 30 days of the purchase or the 6 year warranty will not be valid.

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