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Superlift Suspension System Installation Instructions

April 25th, 2009 · No Comments

Superlift TruSpeed Speed Sensor Calibrator For All Chrysler Dodge and Jeep Vehicles 1992 – 2003, Ford Ranger / Explorer 1998-2003, and All Toyota Trucks and SUVs 1995-Present INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS.
Installation requires a professional mechanic. The overall vehicle must be in excellent working condition; repair or replace all worn parts.

Read instructions several times before starting. Be sure you have all needed parts and know where they install. Read each step completely as you go.
• A soldering iron or gun, wire crimping pliers, and a voltmeter or test light are required for installation.
• A vehicle service manual should be on hand for reference.
• Route all wires away from any sharp edges or high heat sources. Protect any wires as necessary to avoid chafing or short-circuits.
• There are four possible methods that can be used to calibrate the TruSpeed module depending on the specific application. Refer to steps 5-8.
• It is recommended that the TruSpeed calibrator be mounted somewhere in the passenger compartment in the vehicle. However, the TruSpeed is water resistant and can be mounted under the hood provided it is placed away from direct heat and protected from the weather.
• For clarification when referring to the calibration charts, whole numbers indicate complete (360 degree) turns of the TruSpeed adjustment screw, while fractional numbers indicate partial turns of the adjustment screw. For example, a chart that indicates 16 ½ turns means the adjustment screw should be turned clockwise 16 complete turns, plus one ½ turn.
• If for any reason the calibrator must be reset, rotate both adjustment screws located on the side of the TruSpeed counterclockwise 15 times.
• The TruSpeed can be calibrated for two different tire diameters for those who make seasonal tire changes or those who run stock tires every day and larger tires for shows or off-road use. The setting changes are made by flipping the toggle switch on the side of the module. The settings must be calibrated separately. Refer to steps 5-9.
• It is extremely important that the TruSpeed settings are switched or recalibrated whenever tire and / or gear changes are made. Failure to do so will cause inaccurate speedometer / odometer readings and may affect ABS function. It is the driver’s responsibility to ensure that the TruSpeed is set properly for the vehicle’s current tire / gear combination.

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