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2006 Ford Fusion Quick Reference Guide

April 29th, 2009 · No Comments

Your fuel tank can accommodate approximately 17.5 gallons (66.2 L) of gasoline. Your vehicle is designed to use unleaded gasoline with an (R+M)/2 octane rating of 87. Using gasoline with a lower octane rating may degrade performance.

Your vehicle’s tire pressure specifications are found on the vehicle’s Safety Compliance Certification Label located on the driver’s door jamb. Check your tires for proper air pressure monthly; check the air pressure in your spare tire every six months. Always use an accurate tire pressure gauge. Check the tire pressure when tires are cold, after the vehicle has been parked for at least three hours or has been driven less than three miles. (As you drive, the temperature in the tire warms up, increasing the tire pressure.) Improperly inflated tires can affect vehicle handling and can fail suddenly, resulting in a possible loss of vehicle control. Refer to the Tires, Wheels and Loading chapter in the Owner’s Guide for further information.

If the vehicle’s electrical components are not operating, a fuse may have blown. The fuse panel is located below the instrument panel on the driver’s side; remove the cover to view the fuses. Additional fuses are located in the power distribution box in the engine compartment. For more information regarding changing fuses, refer to the Roadside Emergencies chapter of your Owner’s Guide.

The fuel pump shut-off switch stops the electric fuel pump from sending fuel to your engine when your vehicle has sustained a substantial jolt. The switch is located in the passenger’s footwell, by the kick panel. For more information regarding the fuel pump shut-off switch, refer to the Roadside Emergencies chapter of your Owner’s Guide.

The spare tire and jack are located in the trunk below the carpeted floor panel. The necessary tools are contained in the tool bag. For complete details on how to change your tire, refer to the Roadside Emergencies chapter in your Owner’s Guide

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