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Ford Mustang EFI Nitrous Oxide Systems Installation and Tuning Instructions

May 23rd, 2009 · No Comments

Congratulations, you have just purchased an extremely high quality, high performance kit that introduces you to the world of nitrous oxide. It is imperative that you read and completely understand all aspects of these instructions prior to the installation of your new system. Now, let’s start with a brief look into the basics of nitrous.

Nitrous is the most cost effective way to increase the performance of an internal combustion engine. The way it works is to increase the amount of oxygen that can be introduced into the cylinder during the intake stroke. With more oxygen, more fuel can be burned, and thus, the engine produces more power. This equation works without exception as long as the proper amount of fuel is added to the cylinder to match the nitrous charge. If the fuel is not added, the engine is forced into a lean condition which causes combustion temperatures to increase, along with the potential for massive engine failure.

The nitrous system consists of four main components: nitrous delivery system, fuel delivery system, system plate, and electrical system. We will look at each of these in terms of installation and tuning. Testing the system will then be discussed along with some general tips.

Get pdf Ford Mustang EFI Nitrous Oxide Systems Installation and Tuning Instructions

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