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1994-2004 Ford Mustang A-Pillar Gauge Pods Installation Guide

May 30th, 2009 · No Comments

You have chosen a product that was born from the belief auto accessories should adhere to a higher standard. Assembled by hand in the USA, this pillar will give you the satisfaction of owning a custom part instead of the same old thing. The installation of this part should be an enjoyable task, and may be accomplished with minimal mechanical knowledge and basic hand tools. The instructions will differ slightly from coupe to convertible, as the parts attach to the car in a different manner. These differences are clearly noted for your convenience.

Step One
Removal of OEM A-Pillar Hardtop Mustang:
Your factory pillar is attached to the car with a pair of metal clips that lock the pillar onto the metal frame of the windshield. To remove this part, work your fingers under the plastic of the pillar at the top of the windshield (where the pillar meets the headliner). Applying even pressure, pull the pillar away from its mounting point. A firm, slightly quick motion will release the upper clip with ease. Once the upper clip is free, continue to pull the pillar towards you to release the lower clip.

Convertible Mustang:
All drop-top Mustangs have A-pillars attached to the car with the same metal clips found in the coupes. Most 1994-1998 Mustang convertibles will have two metal clips, just as with the coupes. 1999 and newer Mustangs have a third metal clip, located near the top of the pillar.

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