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1999-2004 Ford Lightning JLT BIG Air Intake Kit Installation Instructions

June 10th, 2009 · No Comments

We hope you are satisfied with the look and performance. You may use any polish or wax on the pipe as it’s painted with the same high quality paint as your car. It is also recommended to use some tire shine on the rubber elbow. Take your time and it will be a smooth install. Please review complete instructions prior to installing.

1 Verify you have all of the following parts included in the kit: (1) JLT Painted Pipe with IAC, PVC, and Vacuum line fittings, (1) 45 degree Rubber Elbow w/ clamps to connect throttle body to JLT Pipe, (1) Silicone Reducer w/ clamps to connect JLT pipe to MAF, (1) JLT heat shield, (1) Billet MAF Adaptor with bolts, (1) 4×12” S&B Air Filter, (1) 5/8” Hose, (1) 3/4” Hose, (1) Vacuum Line, (1) Silicone Spacer (for use on early Lightnings with 80mm MAF only)
2 Gather all of the following tools needed for the installation: 5/16 Nut Driver, 10mm Open End Wrench, 11mm Open End Wrench, Phillips Head Screwdriver
3 Remove the factory Air Box Assembly from the Throttle Body to Air Box.
4 Remove the Mass Air Flow Sensor from the airbox and install the Billet MAF adaptor in the JLT kit.
5 Install the JLT heat shield onto the adaptor, rotating it in the direction you want to block engine heat.
Note: Keep the MAF in its stock rotation. Meaning, remember where the plug position was stock and return it to the same position.
6 Install the S&B filter at this time. Use pressure on the filter to “sandwich” the heat shield in position.
7 Install the 45 degree elbow onto the throttle body.

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