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1937-1948 Ford Disc Conversion 4 3/4” GM Bolt Circle Installation Instructions

June 26th, 2009 · No Comments

1. Remove early Ford drums, brakes and backing plates from spindles. Make sure you retain the bearing nut and keyed washer.
2. Thoroughly clean grease and dirt from spindle. Check for cracks and damage.
3. Using the hardware supplied in the kit install the caliper mounting bracket on the REAR surface of the spindle using the lockwashers between the spindle and mounting bracket. DO NOT omit lockwashers as they are essential to the proper alignment of the bracket. If round spindles are being used check for adequate clearance between the spindle and bracket. FILE BRACKET if necessary. The bracket may be installed so caliper is forward or rearward of spindle centerline. REARWARD INSTALLATION IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
4. Examine the inner wheel bearing seating area on the spindle for nicks, ect. Emery cloth area as required for a smooth surface.
5. Slide bearing adapter on spindle and drive into place using a hammer and a piece of tubing or pipe of suitable dimensions (1 1/2” pipe works great). DO NOT DAMAGE THE ADAPTER WHILE INSTALLING (use a rag for padding between tool and adapter). Drive adapter on until it seats firmly against spindle inner bearing shoulder.

NOTE: Bearings and adapter are machined to a +.0005” tolerance. If bearing does not slide onto adapter easily it may be due to tolerance “stack up.” This can be rectified by a small amount of fine emery “paper-work” on the bearing seating surface of the adapter. Check inner bearing for fit.

6. Fit inner wheel bearing for trial fit.
7. Grease inner and outer bearing with high temperature wheel bearing grease, install rear bearing and grease seal.
8. Install rotor on spindle followed by the outer wheel bearing then stock Ford washer and retaining nut. Adjust bearings as required and install cotter key and bearing dust cap.
9. Install caliper on mounting bracket with bleeder FACING UP using stock GM mounting bolts. Make sure that bolts aren’t bent or damaged before installing.
10. Fill the brake system with DOT 4 brake fluid, bleed and inspect for leaks.
11. Check for any brake caliper / rotor / wheel interference.

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