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97-98 Ford Air Dam 4×2 and 4×4 Installation Instructions

June 26th, 2009 · No Comments

Tools needed: 8mm open end wrench or socket 7/16 socket or open end wrench 1/4×1 bolts, 5/16 flat washers and nuts
1. Using the 8mm wrench, remove the factory Air Dam.
2. Position Air Dam aligning the center hole of Air Dam with the center hole of bumper.
3. Using a bolt with flat washer on the bolt, push bolt up through Air dam into bumper.
4. Install a flat washer, and a locking nut from above. DO NOT tighten at this time.
5. Install the balance of the bolts making sure that a flat washer is against the Air Dam.
6. Once all bolts are installed, tighten starting from the center of the Air Dam working right and then center of the Air Dam working left.

Ford 4×2 Air Dam Fog Light Installation Instructions
Tools needed: 7/16 open end wrench
Note: The lights are marked with the word “TOP” on the lens face.
1. Feed light wires through slotted hole in Air Dam light pocket and align driving light center bolt with square hole in light pocket.
2. Place dish-shaped washer over light bolt and install nut; do not tighten at this time.
3. Gently pull wire slack through slot. One of the Air Dam bolts can be used for attaching the black ground wire with the eyelet.
4. Complete the wiring of the lights. The lights are fully adjustable in the pockets. Turn lights on and aim where desired. Hold the lights and tighten driving light nut with 1/2” open end wrench.

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