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1997-03 Ford F150/F250 L.D.4WD Torsion Key Front Lift/Leveling Kit

June 28th, 2009 · No Comments

Due to the wide on-vehicle adjustment range of this product,a “floating” feature has been designed into the adjustment system. This feature allows the Forged Adjuster & Bolt assembly to reposition in the crossmember as ride height adjustments are made.

Important! Ford/Lincoln vehicles with factory Air Suspension systems require an alternate installation procedure. Only install this product and adjust ride height

AFTER following the prescribed Ford Motor Company procedure.
Step 1:Measure current front ride height. Take a measurement from the bottom of the wheel/rim to the lip of the fender on each side of the vehicle. Write down measurements to help in determining ride height after new torsion keys are installed.(Figure A)
Step 2:Position vehicle on a flat surface or automotive lift. Suspend front wheels, lifting by the frame with a floor jack or lift jack. Secure using jack stands.
Step 3:Locate the Torsion Keys. They are found where the Torsion Bars are received into the Crossmember between the frame.
Step 4:Remove ONE Torsion Key Adjusting Bolt completely. Important! Only work on one side of the vehicle at a time!
Step 5:Using a Torsion Bar Unloading Tool specific to Ford vehicles (OTC 7822A or similar with special bracket),COMPRESS the key until it clears the Threaded Adjuster Bracket where the Adjusting Bolt was housed.
Step 6:Remove the Threaded Adjuster Bracket,and SLOWLY release tension on the unloading tool until it can be fully removed.
Step 7:Slide Torsion Bar FORWARD,allowing original Torsion Key to be removed. It may be necessary to use an air hammer to release corrosive bond between the Key & Torsion Bar.
Step 8:Install new Patented Forged Torsion Key and reposition back into proper position in the vehicle Crossmember and the anchor points at the front of the vehicle. Be sure Torsion Bar passes through Torsion Key by a minimum of 1/8″ to 1/4″!

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