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1994–1996 Ford Econoline Intelligent Lift Interlock System (ILIS) – Installation Instructions

July 3rd, 2009 · No Comments

To aid in installation, first gain access to the connection points. Remove the lower dash panel below the steering column and the engine cover. Also, gain access to the lift power switch and the lift door switch circuits. These are usually accessible in the front control panel. It is not necessary to cut any Ford wires during the installation of the ILIS wire harness.

– Using the supplied Velcro strips, mount the display panel to the right of the steering column on the dashboard. Ensure that the panel is visible from the driver’s seat before securing. Run the display wire harness through the rubber seal between the steering column and the dash. Snap the 6-pin connector into the matching connector in the control module. Ensure that the connector is fully seated. Do not permanently mount the control module until the main harness is installed.

- Position the main harness such that the 12- pin connector is in position to be installed into the control module. The connector should not be installed into the module until the main harness is fully installed. All connections must be made with ignition power OFF! The connection points to be made for the installation of the main harness are listed below.

Park Circuit
• 1994-1996 models (Gas or Diesel) The Green wire in the main harness will be used for this connection. It may be necessary to drill a hole to run this wire into the engine compartment area. Locate the transmission range sensor (driver’s side of the transmission). This sensor will have a harness connected to it. Peel back a section of the harness covering and locate the Light Blue/Yellow wire. Attach the Green wire from the main harness to this wire by stripping the insulation, soldering and taping. Since this connection will be exposed to the elements, it must be coated with a watertight electrical sealant to prevent water intrusion and corrosion. Secure the Green wire with wire ties to prevent movement.
Shift Lock Circuit – Locate the Ford shift lock solenoid on the steering column and disconnect the black 3-pin connector. Be careful not to break the plastic tab on the connector. Insert the black female 3-pin connector from the main harness into the shift lock solenoid. Ensure that it is fully seated into the solenoid. Insert the black male 3-pin connector from the main harness into the connector that was originally installed in the shift lock solenoid. It is imperative that these connectors mate with the tabs on the same side. Use the small wire tie to secure the two tabs together. These connectors must not be allowed to separate!

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