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VariShock 1960-1977 Ford/Mercury Bolt-In Front Coil-Over Conversion, QuickSet 1 Installation and Tuning Guide

June 26th, 2009 · No Comments

Remove Factory Shock and Spring
Raise front end of car and secure with jack stands. Wheels must not be in contact with ground.
1. Remove wheels, making note of which side of vehicle they were removed from.
2. Unbolt lower shock mount from spring perch (Figure 3-1).
3. Unbolt upper shock mount from shock tower (Figure 3-2).
4. Remove shock and mount from vehicle (Figure 3-3).
5. Using a spring compressor, remove the coil spring. Follow the tool manufacturer’s instructions for proper use of
6. the spring compressor. Unbolt lower spring perch from control arm.

Install Shock Tower Adapter (TCP COLVF-1X)
The shock tower adapter must be installed before proceeding. Refer to the installation guide packaged with your adapter kit. Depending upon the year and model of your vehicle, you will have received one of the following kits: TCP COLVF-13, TCP COLVF-14 (shown), or TCP COLVF-15. Shock Assembly – Lower Crossbar
On each urethane bushing put a small amount of poly lube on the area that will contact the inside of the lower
8. shock eye. Press two bushings into each shock eye, one from each side. Once completely seated apply poly lube to the
9. inside bore of the bushings. Thread the 1/2” set screws into two of the crossbar halves and then place an aluminum crush washer over the
10. remaining set-screw stud.

11. Insert the crossbar assembly into the shock-eye bushing from one side, and then one of the unused crossbar halves into the opposite side. Thread them together until tight.
12. Using a vise and an adjustable wrench or two adjustable wrenches, tighten the crossbar halves until they are clocked evenly with each other and are perpendicular to the length of the shock. DO NOT tighten more than 1/2 turn.
Coil springs will NOT be installed at this time in order to more easily manipulate the suspension system.

Shock Installation – Mock Up
13. The outer shock tower reinforcment to which the factory suspsension bump stop is attached can be removed for easier access when mounting the upper stem of the shock. IMPORTANT: The shock tower reinforcement must placed back into it’s installed position when checking clearances in the following steps.
14. Bolt the shock’s lower crossbar to the top-side of the upper control arm at the factory spring perch mounting location. Use the 3/8-16 x 1-3/4” hex bolts, flat washers and locknuts provided. A flat washer should be used below the bolt head and the locknut. Torque to 30-35 lb/ft.
15. Set shock valving to the softest setting, fully extend the shock, and then insert the shock’s top stem through the tower-adapter mount hole. Raise and support the suspension using a floor jack.
16. Place the thick stem washer over the shock pivot stud followed by the 5/8” OD aircraft washer and thread the 5/8-18 half locknut onto the stud. (Refer to tower adapter instructions for exploded illustration.) Do not tighten locknut to final torque specs at this time. You will be unbolting the shock stem shortly.

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