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Ford 5.0 Bellhousing Installation Instructions

June 27th, 2009 · No Comments

This bellhousing is designed to fit all 1965 and up 289, 302, and 351 W/C engines. You may use a 164 or 157 tooth flexplate. These are available from ATI in heavy duty and SFI versions with any weight configuration. This bellhousing can not be used with a 12″ diameter torque converter, but it can be used with 7, 8, 9, 10 or 11″ units. The torque converter bolt pattern must match your flexplate pattern.

This bellhousing is shipped with its own bellhousing bolts, C-4 spacer ring and special pump bolts. The spacer ring and pump volts are used only if you are using a 164 tooth flexplate and torque converter. If you are using a 157 tooth flexplate and torque converter, do not use the spacer ring or pump bolts. Reuse your original C-4 pump bolts.

1. Match up the holes in the spacer ring to the front of your C-4 transmission. Place the ring on the pump. This ring will give the exact depth needed for the torque converter.
2. Place the bellhousing on to the front of the C-4 and using the supplied bolts, insert and torque to 45 ft. lbs.

1. Place the bellhousing on to the front of the C-4 and using the stock bellhousing bolts, insert and torque to 45 ft. lbs. Do not use the supplied spacer ring! The transmission is now ready to be installed onto the engine. Use the suppled Allen bolts to secure the transmission to the engine.
For Ford engine to GM transmission applications, use transmission specific (PG part # 915114, T350/T-400 part #915115) adapter ring and bolts only.

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