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Ford Tilt Hood Kit 53-56 F-100 Installation Instructions

July 14th, 2009 · No Comments

Congratulations on purchasing the finest hood hinge kit made. We are very proud of this kit, and you will be too! We have tried to make the installation as easy as possible. Most of the kit is pre-assembled to help you out. You will need tools, a drill, and 1/8”, 1/4”, and 3/8” bits, and a round file.

1. When the hood closes with the new hinge, it locks down with the stock hood latch. The safety latch, or secondary latch is no longer needed, so remove it.
2. Remove the hood and stock hinges. We recommend that you set the hood back on and adjust the fenders to line up all the front body parts. Remember– the hood fits to the cab, then the fenders are moved around to fit to the hood. Then, take the hood back off.
3. With the hood upside down, remove the stock hood supports and brackets. To remove the brackets, rub them with some sandpaper, this will show you where the spot welds are. Drill an 1/8” hole all the way through the center of each spot weld. Then use a 3/8” bit and drill through the bracket only (1/2 way through). There are three spot welds on each bracket. You should be able to pry the bracket off now.
4. Bolt in the new hood braces. First, set the length by adjusting the rod end to show 1/4” of exposed thread. (FIGURE 1) Bolt the rod ends into the stock holes at the back of the hood, with the bars lying forward. Assemble the pivot bar into the two hood braces. Put three washers between the rod end and the mount (FIGURE 2) on each bar. With the pivot bar mocked up, measure from the inside hood edge to the mount flange on the hood brace, move the braces until both sides measure the same. Clamp the mount flanges and drill out three 1/4” holes in each side. Slide the thread plate under and bolt the braces to the hood (FIGURE 3 AND 4)
5. Be very careful here. You will drill two holes in the upper valance (the top panel in front of the radiator) positioning of these in important. Look closely at FIGURE 5. Drill out these holes to 3/8”, the two holes should be 36” apart, measured from the center to center of each hole. Test fit the pivot bar. File the holes side to side if necessary, so that the pivot bar is centered between the fenders, and the rod ends are straight up and down and DO NOT bind when tightening. Remove the pivot bar and bolt it back to the hood braces.

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