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2003-06 Ford Expedition Instructions

July 14th, 2009 · No Comments

Set up truck on a two post lift or jack stands and remove the wheel. Then remove: 1. Upper ball joint nut 2.Tie rod nut 3 Sway bar nut Support the weight of the spindle so that tension is not placed on the ABS wir- ing or brake line. A hammer may be needed to break the ball joint and tie rod free – always wear safety goggles when using a hammer. Remove the drive axle bolts (on 4wd models). The drive axle uses a 12mm twelve point bolt; make sure you use the correct tool. FAILURE TO REMOVE THE DRIVE AXLE WILL MAKE IT VERY DIFFICULT

Remove the strut and mount it in a bench vise, and then install the Truxxx kit. Torque fasteners to OEM spec. This kit is painted gray for better visibility – production kits are black.

Reinstall the strut assembly into truck. A prybar may be useful to get the strut reinstalled. Use a tall jack stand to push the lower A-arm up to reinstall the upper ball joint nut. Reinstall the tie rod nut and sway bar nut after the upper ball joint is reattached. Make sure that the all fas- teners are torqued properly. Always double-check your work.

Check the alignment. During our research and development, we found that the Expedition only needed to have its toe set – caster and camber stayed within spec. We recommend that an alignment technician experienced with lifted trucks perform the alignment. Always do an alignment after changing tires on a vehicle. Remember to adjust your headlights after installing the kit.

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