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1989-2006 Ford Crown Victoria 40F-15-R-KIT Full Air Suspension Replacement

July 17th, 2009 · No Comments

Removal and Installation
-Do not remove an air spring under any circumstances when there is pressure in the air spring. Do not remove any components supporting an air spring without either exhausting the air or providing support for the air spring to prevent vehicle damage or personal injury.
- Disconnecting an air line that is connected to the air compressor can cause personal injury or damage to components as high pressure air is vented uncontrolled.
- Do not attempt to install or inate any rear air spring that has become unfolded to prevent vehicle damage or personal injury.
- Failure to observe the following procedures may result in a sudden failure of the air spring or suspension system.
- Any rear spring which is unfolded must be refolded prior to being installed in a vehicle.
- The air spring refolding procedure should only be used for an air spring which has never supported the vehicle’s weight while in the improperly folded position.
- Improperly folded air springs found on vehicles during pre-delivery inspection or after use must be replaced.
- Do not attempt to inate any air spring which has been collapsed while uninated from the rebound hanging position to the jounce stop.
- When installing a new air spring, care must be taken not to apply a load to the suspension until springs have been inated using the air spring ll procedure.
- After inating an air spring in the hanging position, it must be inspected for proper shape.

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