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Ford 302 HO Hydraulic Roller Lifter Kit

July 19th, 2009 · No Comments

This kit is designed to allow the installation of hydraulic roller cams in standard Ford 302 HO V8 engines originally equipped with hydraulic roller cams. In order to use this kit, your engine must have two bosses cast into the block (fig. 1) in the lifter valley area. These bosses may or may not be drilled and tapped for 1⁄4″-20 bolts. If yours are not drilled and tapped, then you must be prepared to do so during this installation process. Once you have installed your COMP Cams® Magnum Hydraulic Roller Camshaft per the camshaft installation and degreeing instructions supplied with the cam, you are ready to install the hydraulic roller lifters.

Installation Instructions:
1. Installing the lifters – Slide the lifters into the lifter bores just like a regular lifter, and then rotate them until the flat surfaces on the sides of each lifter all face inward toward the lifter valley. Each lifter has two flats, one on each side. It does not matter which flat faces the valley and which faces the cylinders. You may encounter some difficulty in trying to install the end lifters in each bank due to interference from an ear on each end of the head gaskets. Gently bend this ear out of the way, install the lifters, and bend the ear back into place. The purpose of this ear is to help locate the intake gasket during manifold assembly, so do not bend or remove it permanently.
2. Installing the lifter guides – The purpose of the guides is to prevent the lifters from rotating, therefore keeping the lifter wheels rolling over the cam lobes as opposed to sliding. With all the flats on the lifter in line, install one of the eight lifter guides over each pair of lifters in the valley. They should be installed with the word “UP” that is stamped into each guide facing up. It does not matter whether the “UP” stamp is toward the front or the rear of the block. The forks on each end of the guides should nest over the top of the flats on either side of each lifter.

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