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Auburn Gear Differential Disassembly / Assembly Instructions

July 20th, 2009 · No Comments

These instructions are intended as an aid for the experienced automobile mechanic in properly servicing the Auburn Gear Limited-Slip differential. It is expected that the mechanic be equipped with the proper tools, equipment, and experience before attempting to service the differential. Differential removal will be required for most maintenance operations. Refer to the vehicle service manual for differential removal and installation procedures.

A. Differential Cross-pin
1. Remove axle housing cover to expose differential.
2. Remove the differential cross-pin lock screw and remove pin. See Fig. 1. The differential cross-pin may need to be driven out. Use a hammer and a brass drift to drive the differential cross-pin out
3. Install new cross-pin and torque new lock screw to 25 lb-ft.
4. Install axle housing cover.
5. Fill axle with the recommended axle lubricant for use with limited-slip differentials level with the filler hole.
NOTE: Some gear ratios require a flatted cross-pin. Replacing the cross-pin in this application will require differential removal and ring gear removal as well as modifying the new cross-pin.
B. Differential Disassembly Procedure
CAUTION: Do not attempt to remove the end cap of the differential. All servicing will be done through the large window of the differential case.
1. Remove differential from axle housing (refer to vehicle service manual).
2. Remove and discard ring gear screws.
3. Using a non-metallic hammer or brass drift punch, drive the ring gear loose from the differential case pilot and remove.

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