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OmniTrac Brake Control Installation Guide

July 24th, 2009 · No Comments

Drilling or use of longer screws may damage unit.
1. Securely mount bracket to a solid surface.
2. Insert supplied #6 x 3/8″screws on each side into the mounting holes.
3. Adjust control to desired position and tighten screws until snug.
4. Once the brake control is securely mounted, point the Internal Sensor Adjustment Arm down to the ground.

The Brake Control must be mounted from 20 degrees nose down to 70 degrees nose up.

Setting Up the Brake Control
The brake control has independent soft and hard effort brake settings.
• Soft Effort – setting for gradual stops, which allows for effective braking without the wheel “hop”
• Hard Effort – setting for hard or panic stop, which is sensed by the Internal
Sensor and braking effort is automatically switched over to the Hard Effort Setting.

Setting the Internal Sensor Arm
Once the brake control is securely mounted, the internal sensor adjustment arm must be pointed directly toward the floor of the vehicle. To Fine Tune the sensor, the arm can be moved to change the switching level. This needs to be done after the soft and hard effort levels are set.

Setting the “Hard” Effort
1. Connect trailer to tow vehicle.
2. Set HARD adjustment slide to mid-position.
3. Tow trailer at low speed (20-30 mph) on a level, dry and paved surface and apply Manual Slide Knob.
- If trailer brakes DO NOT lock up:
- Increase HARD braking effort by sliding HARD adjustment to the right.
- If brakes DO lock up:
- Decrease HARD braking effort by sliding HARD adjustment to the left.
4. Repeat step (3) until HARD braking effort has been set to a point just below wheel lock up or at a sufficient force as to achieve maximum braking power.

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