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Xcalibrator 2 User Instructions

July 25th, 2009 · No Comments

How to use the Xcalibrator 2:
Plug the OBD-II connector into the port under the dash of the vehicle you wish to program. Some vehicles may have a panel that needs to be removed to access it. With the key off, use the up and down arrows to navigate through the main menu.

Vehicle Diagnostics
The Xcalibrator 2 can read and erase DTCs (Diagnostic Trouble Codes) on the LCD display. This feature will work on any Ford based OBD2 vehicle. The Xcalibrator 2 can also read the Strategy of the vehicle, This is very useful on vehicles that have been reflashed to a updated calibration. This feature can ensure your SCT dealer programs your vehicle with the newest release calibration.

Program Vehicle Menu:
First disconnect the fuel pump and electric fan fuses. From the main menu, scroll down to the Program vehicle menu and press select. Here you select what file type you want to install into the vehicle, Custom Tune or Return to Stock. In the Custom Tune menu, use the up and down arrow keys to select the file you want to program onto your vehicle. With that file displayed, press the select button to start the flashing process.

Turn the key on when prompted on the LCD display.
If there are user adjustable options available for that file, the display will read Enter Opt Parms? (Enter Option Parameters) which will allow you to make minor changes to the file. Press the Cancel button to skip the custom options and go straight to the flashing process.

User Adjustable Options: Press the Select button to enable custom tune options. Using the up and down arrows navigate through the selectable options. Press the select button to make a change to that category. Press select when finished with that category to choose the next category. Repeat until finished. Once you have made all of your changes press the Cancel button to start the flashing process. Once the flashing process is complete, the display will display “Program Complete, Press Select” followed by “Turn key off, Press Select” Turn the key off and press select. Your vehicle is now programmed and you can unplug the Xcalibrator 2.

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