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2005-07 Ford Mustang GT 4.6LV-8 Airaid Installation Instructions

July 27th, 2009 · No Comments

1. Disconnect negative battery cable. PLEASE READ #22 ON THE BACK PAGE!! Push the green plastic tabs, and remove breather hose from vehicle. (Save for later use).
2. Loosen the intake tube hose clamp on the throttle body. Slide the red tab on the electrical connector, and disconnect the mass air sensor.
3. With a 10mm socket, remove the bolt holding the factory airbox to the fender, and save it for re-installation in step #8.
4. Remove the complete factory intake. Use caution to retain the factory grommets in the inner fender.
5. Using the provided #20 torx bit, remove two screws and the mass air sensor from the factory airbox lid. Note the direction of the sensor for proper re-installation later. (Save the mass air sensor for re-installation in step #13, the factory screws will not be re-used).
6. With a 10mm socket, remove and save the bolt from the anti-lock brake bracket. It will be re-installed later in step #9.
7. Install the provided grommet (#16), with the groove at the top, into the Cool Air Dam (CAD) hole, as shown. Next slide the aluminum sleeve (#17), into the center of the grommet.
8. Install the air filter adapter (#6) into the Cool Air Dam (#7) as shown, using 3 button head bolts (#10) and ¼” flat washers (#11).
9. Install the CAD into the factory grommets in the inner fender, and re-install the bolts from steps #3 and #6
10. Install the hump hose (#5) on the filter adapter (#6), with two #64 hose clamps (#14). Tighten only the clamp next to the CAD.
11. Install the supplied grommet (#15) and aluminum fitting (#18) into the Airaid intake tube as shown.
12. Install the Modular Venturi Tube (MVT) (#3) into the Airaid Intake Tube (#2) as shown. Option: For additional air flow, delete the MVT. This requires custom computer programming. Engine damage will result without the use of custom tuning.

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