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Flyin’ Miata Fuel Rail Installation Instructions

July 29th, 2009 · No Comments

Congratulations on purchasing the FM Fuel Rail! We’re confident that this is a high quality piece that will help ensure the safety and performance of the engine in your Miata. Following are instructions that will help you safely install this piece.

1. The fuel system first needs to have its pressure re- lieved. There are two ways to do this, it’s safest to do them both. First, find the relay that’s pictured to the side. It will be underneath the dash, near the steering column. It should look similar to the relay in the picture, but different years had different relays, so it might not be exactly the same. Look for a blue wire with a red stripe, that’s the wire that goes to the fuel pump. Start the car and let it idle. While the car is idling, unplug the relay. This will kill the engine, as it’s no longer being fed the fuel it needs. Turn the car off once the engine has stopped. The gas cap also needs to be removed, to ensure that pressure doesn’t build up in the tank. Don’t reinstall it until the fuel rail is in.
2. Disconnect the negative terminal for the battery. You’ll be working near the starter, and you don’t want to accidentally touch one of the stainless steel lines to the lead on the starter.
3. Remove both of the rubber fuel lines from the metal hard lines. Fuel will spill out from these lines, so try to have something to catch the spillage. These can be a pain to remove, try twisting the rubber line to break the adhesion between the rubber and metal lines. It’s also a good idea to try to drain as much as possible from the lines, this will make the rest of the mess smaller.
4. ‘99 – ‘05 cars only: The upper intake manifold needs to be removed. There are six bolts that need to be removed to allow the two pieces to separate. Be sure to remove any of the hoses and such that will prevent the top half from being lifted off. Make a note of where all of the lines go, so you’re sure to put them back in the right places. Once these have been removed, tilt the top half forward and out of the way. Be careful of the various lines going to the throttle body. While they can remain attached, you need to make sure that they don’t get kinked. Also put rags in the open holes, to ensure that nothing accidentally falls down there.

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