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BMK-21 Single Mount By-Pass Filter System Installation and Servicing Instructions

July 31st, 2009 · No Comments

This filter system is not designed to replace the engine’s normal full-flow filter. Do not attempt to install a by-pass filter element in place of the existing full-flow filter.
WARNING: Extreme care should be taken to avoid bodily harm during installation. Before starting, ensure the engine is cool to avoid burns and never work in the engine compartment area with the engine running.

Attaching the filter mount
1. Survey the engine compartment for possible mounting locations. Solid structures such as the firewall, fender well, radiator support or frame are normal locations. (Do not mount on engine.) Refer to diagram B for minimum area requirements and consider accessibility for servicing.
2. Refer to diagram A for preferred mounting positions.
3. When the location has been determined, use the mounting template provided to locate and mark mounting holes. This can be easily done with a center punch and hammer.
4. Install adapter fittings (BP-208) on filter mount (BK-303) using provided thread sealant as noted in diagram C. If desired, 90° angle fitting (BP-52) may also be used. Using a 7⁄16 wrench, tighten fittings 2-3 turns beyond finger tight. Keep in mind the direction you wish to have the hoses intersect the mount.
5. With a 5⁄16 drill bit, drill out the previously marked mounting holes and attach the mount using the 5⁄16 bolts, nuts, small washer and fender washers provided. Bolts should be tightened to 16-18 foot pounds. 1⁄2 wrenches or socket will be required for this operation.
6. Fill the By-Pass Filter element with the same motor oil being used in the vehicle. Lubricate the filter gasket with oil and spin filter onto mount. Tighten per instructions on the filter.

Get BMK-21 Single Mount By-Pass Filter System Installation and Servicing Instructions

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