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AODE Transbrake Instructions

August 9th, 2009 · No Comments

This transbrake has been thoroughly tested before being packed and shipped. Proper operation depends on following a few basic instructions. As you may know, the AODE/4R70W transmissions are computer controlled and must retain all wiring connections inside and outside the transmission. The following photos will help with the installation and operation of this transbrake.

This transbrake employs the following features:
- All automatic shifting functions are retained
- Transbrake will only operate in manual low
- Computer pressure regulation is retained
- Transbrake must be operated in (R) to back up
- Factory OEM filter and pan is retained

Tool List:
- Metric sockets (8mm, 10mm, 13mm)
- Flat screwdriver
- 5mm allen wrench or socket
- 3/8 drill

Installation Instructions:
1. Raise vehicle and secure firmly.
2. Remove transmission pan, filter, and electrical connectors.
3. Remove detent spring and roller.
4. Remove twenty-four (24) valve body bolts and EPC bracket.
5. Remove valve body and lay on a clean work surface.
6. Remove shift solenoid pack and TCC solenoid and reinstall onto new valve body. Wiggle the solenoids back and forth to remove and install.
7. If installing AODE FULL MANUAL, look at guidelines at end.
8. Make sure new valve body gasket has remained installed on the transbrake valve body.
9. Place new valve body onto case, making sure manual valve is engaged into shift lever, and loosely start all the bolts making sure the long and short bolts go back into their respective holes.
10. Make sure the EPC bracket is installed to hold the EPC solenoid into the case.
11. Reinstall the wire connectors onto the EPC, TCC and shift solenoids.
12. Reinstall filter.
13. Drill a 3/8” hole into the side of the transmission pan in the approximate location. As long as the wire will reach and not interfere with the linkage or anything else this location is not critical. Apply silicone sealer around the connector and install into pan and snug out. Not too tight, it is only plastic.
14. Install new pan gasket, connect transbrake solenoid wire to pan connectors and install pan.
15. Fill transmission with four (4) quarts of ATF (Mercon V). This level will be finalized after the vehicle is started and brought up to operating temperature.

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