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BMW Aftersales Parts Bulletin

March 6th, 2008 · No Comments

Below are the most commonly used SA (Option) Codes for our vehicles Options for Police Vehicles Automatic Transmission Leather Upholstery Metallic Paint Super-Premium Audio System Cold-Weather Package First Aid Kit Sport Package, 318ti Rollover-Protection System Exhaust Compensation EGII Catalytic Converter for Diesel (E36) Without Catalytic Conver ter (E36 Compact/Touring, 1994) Without Catalytic Converter Without Catalytic Converter Inclement-Weather Package E36 (US)

Seed-Oil Methylester – Version RME Steptronic Inclement-Weather Package E34 (US) Inclement-Weather Package E32 (US) Long Rear Axle, Higher Ratio 4-Traction System Shortened Rear Axle Transmissi on Ratio Heat Package Automatic Transmission

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