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302-460 Ford, 340-360 Small Block Chrysler, Pontiac, Olds and AMC Gear Drive Installation

August 12th, 2009 · No Comments

This unit is made of aircraft quality steel right here in the United States, all in Milodon’s own plant. With proper installation, this gear drive will out last and out perform any other cam timing device available. Follow these instructions carefully. We recommend that the engine be on an engine stand to install the gear drive. If this gear drive is to be installed on a fully assembled engine, rather than just initially being assembled, rotate the engine to T.D.C. #1 cylinder compression stroke. Remove the stock cover, gears, timing chain. Prepare the front of the block with a stone or file, and debur the area around the front of the cam boss.

Install the mounting plate, using the Milodon supplied bolts, loosely in the stock cam retainer bolt holes. Place the 3 piece roller bearing assembly on the back of the new cam hub. Be sure the bearing has a thrust washer on each side . Installation Tip: Bearings can be held in place while assembling by coating with thick grease. Slide the hub assembly on the front of the cam. Be sure the dowel pin is in good condition then proceed to install the cam gear on the hub. The Milodon cam hub for 14200 and 14600 Fords is double drilled to stop shearing off the single facrory dowel, and any high end use should use a doulbe doweled cam to match this hub. The hub has a seven bolt verneer pattern. Bolt it up in any hole location at this time. Install the crank gear with the chamfer toward the engine.

You can now proceed with the backlash adjustment. Use a single strip of newsprint (not gloss magazine paper) 1/2″ wide x 6″ long, and wrap the newsprint around the idler gear, between the cam gear, idler gear and crank gear. Press the mounting plate and idler gear assembly firmly by hand toward the cam and crank gears , being sure the newsprint is in place. This centers the idler gear between the other two gears as well as sets the lash between two pairs of gears all in one procedure. A dial indicator while appearing more high tech, can not accomplish all these procedures.

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